Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Moon after 12

moon after 12 a.m. at 25th May, 2005

I often still awake after midnight.

Last night, I laid on my bed and looked at the ceiling, I was not thinking of anything but just could not sleep. Few minutes after 12, I suddenly found that some kinds of light went through the window and lighten up my bedroom. When I turned my head looking through the window, I found a shiny moon and a large dark cloud was just around it.

I brought out my Canon v3 and take these shots. Though the pics were not good, I still loved them much - it lightened up almost half of my little bedroom. We should not sleep so early that miss the wonderful moonlight.
I immediately downloaded the pics to my PC and send to my friend - she might enjoy the same moonlight as me in Fukuoka.

After sending the pics, heavy rain came.


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