Thursday, March 31, 2005

Your "good" companion : Tripods

My first tripods cost about US$70, which is a 2 section tripods. Good quality, worthy and heavy.

At my first photography class, the tutor asked a question how to improve the sharpness of your picture. Because I was too fresh to photography then and therefore I could hardly answer. The tutor said and emphasized that ONLY TRIPODS can help; no matter how fast your shutter speed and how firmly you hold the camera, ONLY TRIPODS can enhance the sharpness.

He even advised that no matter in what situation you are, shoot with tripods. I followed his advice through out the photography course and shot all my pics with tripods. Yes, he was(is) right ! Most pics I shot were very sharp though not good. But shooting with tripods is really really a nightmare because it is too HEAVY.

I still agree with the tutor's opinion but I will not follow it anymore because I prefer my pic with a bit acceptable blur than carrying a tripods all day.

My US$70 tripods has been placed inside the cabinet over 5 years already. How about yours?

ADVICE: Buy tripods with section as less as possible and as heavy as possible. 2 sections tripods is the base line. More sections and lightweight make your tripods shake.


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