Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Vintage LX 3 - Black and White Tour

It is hard to choose, digital or film, R-D1x or Fuji XE1, Oly 35SP or Canon P. At last my choice is my second hand LX3 - light weight and fast shooter, it's good for a lazy traveler. My plane departed from 02:00am and arrived at local time before 04:00am, took a rest at a still-crowded airport, got on a City Line train to my hotel with a transit by BTS. It is a rainy morning and glad that it was arranged to pick me up at the BTS station by a Hotel Tuk Tuk. Early checked in is free to me this time as July is not peak season of Bangkok - thanks! After a sleep till noon, I started my 3.5days vacation at Bangkok - rain stopped and Sun coming up.

An afternoon light inside a washroom at the JJ Park.

Non-AirCon bus is still one of the most common transportation in downtown Bangkok.

Wonder I can get one in Shanghai or HK.

Let's try a hair cut when you get there.

Great band.

Go home.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bangkok Again 2014

Nice people, relative hot, cheap and tasty food, exceptional good massage - a place where suitable for short or long vacation. Love Bangkok cos of their people's personality, very very cheap and tasty food, and most attracting flea market around there(Chaktuchak, please also see my previous post). This time I came Bangkok with friends of high school, though we meet not so often (as I live in Shanghai while they are in HK) but every year we probably go traveling together.

Tuk Tuk, a traditional transportation in Thailand. Left front is me.

Boating at night on the way for dinner

Love such a blue sky!!

You can find a lot of colourful juice in streets of Bangkok

China Town night market

ps I only brought Olympus XA4 and Iphone but without my RF for this trip, bad luck that I mis-open the back door of the XA4 accidentally for the only one roll I shot .....

Small Walk at Seoul, 2014

Seoul, where English and Chinese might not be so popular that if you don't speak Korean, you have to know how to use your body language well !!

Always smiling sale lady, hardly communicate with her except body language

It is also one of my favourite cities where I spend my vacation every 1 or 2 years there. It is an ever changing busy city but still enjoy some small walk through the centre of it on my only few days vacation, just for a time of relaxation from my workplace - having a cup of coffee, tasting the local food .... and have few street snap shots - good enough!

Convenient but ......

There are quite a lot BBQ restaurant but this one with great Sea Food which I definitely will come again

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Last Trip at Taipei 2013

One of HK people favourite city for short vacation, Taipei - A city with lots of tasty food and nice people around, convenient transportation connecting with the downtown of Taipei and rural area. With friends of high school we have a short trip at Taipei on 2013, except tasty food we also went to 放天灯 (the pic) with our wishes to ourselves and family.

Let wishes fly, Shi-Fen Taipei

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Take Out Your Camera from the Shelf !

Very busy these days and for quite a long time. Haven't seriously take a camera with me and go shooting, it's really hurting most of my favourites and left them on the dry box. Today, revisited the RF website and watched all my previous photos there, not good but very missing - missing the time I enjoy bringing with me all the stuff and shooting around the city, no matter at HK, Shanghai of during vacation at any other cities. This year (2014), I hope can redo the same as what I did before.
Afternoon Sunshine, Shanghai near Xin Tian Di

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Buy/Sell Second Hand Equipment

If you have limited budget but like to try different kind of lens on you digital camera, you probably have some experience in buying/selling lens on ebay, through photography equipment forum or at camera shops.

I'm not a frequent trader but did it regularly. Though we should not have any preference to people from different countries, the fact is that the price in the same conditions lens (eg) is generally higher in HK or PRC market than that of US or EU countries especially they are sold by individual not camera shops. It is like a rule as per my so many years' buy and sell experience.

If you are going to buy or sell camera equipment, personally suggest you trade with the latter one(s).

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Historical Architecture

I always spend my weekend morning on walking around the city but always at the same area - French Concession. I like the area of An Fu road, Wu Kang roand, Fu Xing West road, Wu Yuan road and Xing Guo road. Walk and walk, you will arrive there and see this historical building, Wu Kang Building.

Run Away from Shanghai

I really like down town of Shanghai, but sometimes you want to run away from the crowds there. Though it's just a one day vacation, I really enjoy the XiHu of HangZhou - remember to go there only on working day but not holiday.

Don't bother us


Sunday, March 03, 2013

Wu Yuan Road

One of my favourite street in Shanghai - Wu Yuan Road where is quiet, beautiful and simple.

Forget which lens, by R-D1

Lovely sunshine