Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bangkok Again 2014

Nice people, relative hot, cheap and tasty food, exceptional good massage - a place where suitable for short or long vacation. Love Bangkok cos of their people's personality, very very cheap and tasty food, and most attracting flea market around there(Chaktuchak, please also see my previous post). This time I came Bangkok with friends of high school, though we meet not so often (as I live in Shanghai while they are in HK) but every year we probably go traveling together.

Tuk Tuk, a traditional transportation in Thailand. Left front is me.

Boating at night on the way for dinner

Love such a blue sky!!

You can find a lot of colourful juice in streets of Bangkok

China Town night market

ps I only brought Olympus XA4 and Iphone but without my RF for this trip, bad luck that I mis-open the back door of the XA4 accidentally for the only one roll I shot .....


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